St. Stephen's Cemetery Organization

St. Stephen's Cemetery is owned and operated by the Council of Ukrainian Orthodox Churches of Edmonton (CUOCE). This organization is registered under the Societies Act of the Province of Alberta, and is a charitable organization designated by Canada Customs and Revenue Agency.

Orthodox CrossThe member organizations of the Council are:

  • Ukrainian Orthodox Parish of St. John
  • Ukrainian Orthodox Parish of St. Andrew
  • Ukrainian Orthodox Parish of St. Michael
  • Ukrainian Orthodox Parish of St. Elia
  • Ukrainian Orthodox Parish of St. Anthony
  • St. John's Fraternal Society
  • St. John's Institute

The CUOCE is a non-profit organization with a registered tax-deductible number.

The primary objective of the Council is to purchase or otherwise acquire, hold, operate and maintain lands and properties for use as a cemetery.


St. Stephen's Cemetery


20303 - Meridian St. N.E.
Edmonton, AB  T5Y 6E6



Business Hours:


No regular hours

By appointment only

Please phone:

George Zaharia

780 720-0800


Cemetery Hours:


Gates are open from

dawn to dusk everyday




195 Avenue now open!

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