What We Offer

St. Stephen's Cemetery currently offers:

  • Traditional in-ground casket burials marked with upright or flat monuments
  • Columbarium niches for placement of cremated remains above ground
  • In-ground burial of cremated remains
  • Nature Trail for in-ground cremation burial in our forest
  • Field of Honour for veterans and spouses
  • Space for family groupings
  • Space for family mausoleums and family columbariums
  • Areas available for exclusive use by other denominations and cultures

Long-range planned services include:

  • Water features and natural wildlife areas
  • Chapel and social centre
  • Public Mausoleum.

Since St. Stephen's is still in the development stages, we are in a unique position to incorporate new services that may be requested by the public. If you have different requirements or need other services, please contact us.


St. Stephen's Cemetery


20303 - Meridian St. N.E.
Edmonton, AB  T5Y 6E6



Business Hours:


No regular hours

By appointment only

Please phone:

George Zaharia

780 720-0800


Cemetery Hours:


Gates are open from

dawn to dusk everyday




195 Avenue now open!

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Sept. 20 & 21, 2019 -
9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m

Traditional Burial Graves

Columbaria Niches
From $2,995

Companion Cremation Grave

Nature Trail

Family Columbarium
(Up to 10 cremated remains)